2013 MLB Preview: The Chicago Cubs

The outlook for the 2013 Cubs isn’t a very bright one. They finished their 2012 campaign with the second worst record in the Major Leagues. The lowly Cubbies had a pitching staff that had no one finish the season with a record above .500. Chicago brought in Edwin Jackson to help out their rotation, but even he finished his season with a record on the negative side of .500 in Washington. On the plus side for these Cubs is Starlin Castro, who is a rising star in the National League. Castro finished last year with 55 extra base hits, 78 RBI’s and a solid .283 batting average. On the field, he’s showing that he may be one of the league’s best rising shortstops as he recorded fewer errors with more innings on the field than what he had in 2011. All in all, you can’t really expect much from this Cubs team as they’re in a division with three teams who will compete for playoff spots.

Chicago Cubs Final (s)

Phillip Barnett is the Senior NFL Editor at Sports City and is currently suffering through a decade long (and counting) playoff drought from the Oakland Raiders.

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