49ers’ Jim Harbaugh Loses It On Sideline During NFC Championship

USATSI_8301996_154224518_lowresAs arguably one of the passionate head coaches in the NFL, Jim Harbaugh has been able to do the impossible during his first two seasons in the NFL after making the jump from the college level.

Harbaugh led the San Francisco 49ers to two consecutive NFC Championship games and has advanced to the Super Bowl in only his second season as the team’s leader on the sidelines. San Francisco went from team considered to be a joke in the NFC to arguably the best team in the conference in only a few short years.

As a result of Harbaugh’s success, the former Stanford head coach is considered to be one of the best in the business on the highest level. Not only is Harbaugh one of the best head coaches on the NFL level, but he’s also extremely passionate and a little out of control at times.

In the win over the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday, Harbaugh lost it after challenging a play on the field. The challenge cost the 49ers a timeout and threw Harbaugh into an entertaining frenzy on the sidelines via Bleacherreport.com:



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