Executive Board Has Authority to File Disclaimer of Interest

USATSI_8252052_154224518_lowresOn day 97 of the NHL lockout, the players voted 706 to 22 in favor of giving the executive board the authority to file a disclaimer of interest.

The board has until January 2nd to file the disclaimer, therefore dissolving the union. They would then be able to file a class action anti-trust lawsuit against the NHL.

The NHL has already file their own class action suit in New York to confirm that the lockout is legal. The NHL also filed an unfair labor practice charge against the NHLPA with the National Labor Relations Board.

Don’t expect the board to file the disclaimer right away, as they still hope to negotiate a deal with the league.

With games cancelled until January 14th, a deadline to get deal done could be from January 4th to 7th.


Mark is the NHL editor for Sports City and myNHLtraderumors.com. Lives north of Toronto in the snow-belt, not a big fan of snow. Despises lockouts.

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