Atlanta Braves Salaries

Here are the 2014 MLB player salaries for the Atlanta Braves.

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PLAYER 2014/2015 2015/2016 2016/2017
Justin Upton $14,458,333 $14,708,333 UFA
Ervin Santana $14,100,000 UFA -
B.J. Upton $14,050,000 $15,050,000 $16,050,000
Dan Uggla $13,200,000 $13,200,000 UFA
Craig Kimbrel $7,250,000 $9,250,000 $11,250,000
Kris Medlen $5,800,000 ARB -
Freddie Freeman $5,484,375 $8,859,375 $12,359,375
Jason Heyward $5,000,000 $8,300,000 UFA
Chris Johnson $4,750,000 $6,000,000 $7,500,000
Gavin Floyd $4,000,000 UFA -
Mike Minor $3,850,000 ARB ARB
Ryan Doumit $3,500,000 UFA -
Jonny Venters $1,625,000 ARB -
Gerald Laird $1,500,000 UFA -
Jordan Walden $1,490,000 ARB ARB
Brandon Beachy $1,450,000 ARB ARB
Andrelton Simmons $1,142,857 $3,142,857 $6,142,857
Jordan Schafer $1,090,000 ARB ARB
Aaron Harang $1,000,000 UFA -
Julio Teheran $966,666 $1,166,666 $3,466,666
Ramiro Pena $700,000 ARB ARB
David Carpenter $532,500 ARB ARB
Evan Gattis $520,250 - -
Luis Avilan $517,500 - ARB
Anthony Varvaro $515,000 - ARB
Pedro Beato $512,500 ARB ARB
Cory Gearrin $507,500 - ARB
David Hale $502,500 - -
Juan Jaime $500,000 - -
Ryan Buchter $500,000 - -
Tyler Pastornicky $500,000 - ARB
Reed Johnson $150,000 - -
Total $111,664,981 $79,677,231 $56,768,898

Source: Spotrac

  • Chris Lacona

    Im going to throw up now. 27 million the 2 highest paid braves are the 2 biggest holes in our line-up. Wheres our old GM.?? The one that brought in guys that put the ball in play and could field up the middle. What a joke this team has become. They’ve played maybe 6 teams all year with a winning record and will finish beliw .500 and will pay $1million for each win. Brad pitt himself could make better moves

    • Realbravesfan

      Best record in baseball he must be doing something right!!!

  • Chris Lacona

    You have 3regulars on the whole team hitting above .250 and about 78 players hitting above .300 in your farm system. Give someone else a chance at 2B SS CF LF and C. Love you Hudson but your finished bye BJ bye Uggla bye Fredi G. bye Justin.!! Hello wins.

    • Chris Lacona

      Medlen must love Atlanta because hes worth more then BJ justin and Uggla combined and he can hit unlike those 3. Kris u need a new agent

  • Loco

    Justin is making more then every single player combined his age or younger.

  • The Dr.

    Braves play 3 games the rest of the season vs. winning teams. They should easily win 100 Games. F. Gonzalez will do everything he can to avoid that. Sit McCann while he’s batting .530 right after he gets player of the week. Sit Heyward during a 14 Game win streak, Play BJ at all… let alone throw him in the line-up after we have an 8 game streak.. Running the bullpen into the ground in 2011 and 2012. Playing Uggla at all. Playing BJ at all. not retaliating vs. Mets. Niese had 9 K’s and was dealing, but somehow that one ball right at Heyward’s face got away. Heyward acknowledged it was an accident, but in baseball you can never prove anything. It’s all a judgement call and keep in mind Wash. Mets and Braves are in same division, so Davey just makes a call and says. We’ll do this if you throw at Heyward. Some fans don’t get the whole save for later, retaliation. Simmons our best infielder gets thrown behind, after we throw at Harper’s waste, which is not dirty. Then Heyward our best outfielder gets hit in the face, he stands 3 feet off the plate, so a MLB pitcher to be that wild while throwing 9 K’s is suspect at best. Eric Young Jr. great player, great guy, Broke our Starting Pitchers ankle, all for a base hit, in a meaningless game to his hapless team. People are sick of Atlanta winning but there’s a way to beat them it’s on the scoreboard. The first thing coaches talk about is who would they least expect us to injure someone on purpose, the nicest player with sportsmanship, then he says sure coach, I will run hard down the line and take out our best SP, then Niese says, It’s not really hard to hav a game plan for Atl. they K a lot. Zoom headshot, Heyward out, ohhh im sorry. and it’s ok. Fredi, you need to pick your battles and you’ve balked on about 14 different scenarios that your team needed you to show a pair. How do you not get thrown out of the 2012 play-in game for starters?

  • Barnabas7

    BJ & Ugga are over paid.