NBA Play Of The Day: LeBron James Throws Down The Alley-Oop

imageWe still can’t believe this dunk.

It was a Sunday matinee between the Miami Heat and the Los Angeles Lakers. This was actually a crucial time in the fourth quarter as the Heat were up five halfway through the period.

Kobe Bryant threw a bad pass that Dwyane Wade was able to intercept. As Wade went out of bounds, he was able to save it to Chris Bosh, who threw it down the streaking Norris Cole in the frontcourt. LeBron James was running by his side.

Cole ran down the court against Steve Nash, who was the only Laker back on defense. Cole then threw the ball up behind his head as James went about 40 feet in the air and flushed the jam. That alley-oop was not only pleasing for the fans but definitely pleasing for the Heat as it put them up seven points. It rode Miami to an eventual ten-point win over the Lakers for the fifth straight win.

Great pass by Cole. Great dunk by LeBron. Great win for the Miami Heat.


Rey Moralde is a Southern California native who has a passion for basketball, old-school video games, sushi, and terrible pop music.

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