NBA Tweets Of All-Star Saturday Night: Kobe Makes Veto Joke

NBA players, just like most of us, love to do the Twitter thing. Check out some of their innermost (not really) thoughts that they put out on the social media platform. You may get to know a thing or 20 about them.

It didn’t turn out to be his night but beforehand…

Shane Battier corrects our friend, Zach Lowe, when it comes to… terms.

Kobe Bryant got it right!

Oh, Kobe. Couldn’t resist a David Stern veto joke.

Zaza Pachulia champions the cause for his teammate.

Zaza is a funny guy.

J-Rich knows about his dunks.

Jordan Hill may have a point here.

DeAndre Jordan and I are in agreement here.

Roy Hibbert is so right about this.

Don’t tease us, you guys.

Blake Griffin is hilarious.

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