NBA Tweets of the Day: Kendrick Perkins Actually Does Smile

NBA players, just like most of us, love to do the Twitter thing. Check out some of their innermost (not really) thoughts that they put out on the social media platform. You may get to know a thing or 20 about them.

J.J. Hickson is a dog-lover.


This really got me because I can’t remember the one time Kendrick Perkins smiled.


Hey, Kevin. I thought BBW stood for… oh, never mind. This is a family-friendly site.


Devin Ebanks cheering on his teammate, Earl Clark, who had a big game.


Tell ‘em like it is, Donyell Marshall.



Rey Moralde is a Southern California native who has a passion for basketball, old-school video games, sushi, and terrible pop music.

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