NBA All Time Quadruple Double

A ‘Quadruple-Double’ is recorded when a player records 10 or more in four of the following categories: points, assists, rebounds, steals, or blocked shots. Prior to the 1973-74 season, the NBA did not record steals and blocked shots. There have only been four documented NBA players who have recorded quadruple-doubles.


NBA All-Time Quadruple-Doubles
Player Team Date Opponent
David Robinson San Antonio Spurs Feb. 17th, 1994 Detroit
Hakeem Olajuwon Houston Rockets Mar. 29th, 1990 Milwaukee
Alvin Robertson San Antonio Spurs Feb. 18th, 1986 Phoenix
Nate Thurmond Chicago Bulls Oct. 18th, 1974 Atlanta

Updated: Apr. 8th 2014


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  • http://www.facebook.com/mike.wahl1 Y2Jin99

    Who will be the next person to get a QD? I would go with guys like Howard or Ibaka if they learned to pass the ball. But maybe Rondo and Wall if they did it with steals.

    • http://www.facebook.com/mike.wahl1 Y2Jin99

      Joakim Noah another person mentioned. He can pass. Can he get 10 blocks and 10 assists though in the same game? Doubtful

      • George

        Michael Carter Williams almost did it tonight for Philly, kid looks good. 22 points, 12 assists, 7 rebounds, and 9 steals. Would have been special to see a Quadruple Double

        • b

          Ricky rubio, watching him right now, 10pts, 5stls, 5rbs, 9ass halfway thru the 2nd quarter

        • ABC123

          I need you to rethink that, sir

        • Zay

          He also almost did it in his debut

      • Jack Norris

        Nerlens Noel, Points, Rebounds, Steals, Blocks

    • Johnny Blaze

      Lebron, most likely has the best shot at it on his day. I’d give Paul George a chance with steals, as well as Chris Paul. Noah, already mentioned here had a triple double last night with assists so he’s clearly capable of going for quad. Haven’t checked KD’s all-time blocks high, but maybe him. Certainly Josh Smith if he put it together in one day. Big time shot blocker, can get you steals, assists, points… you name it. Also the French dude out west in Nicolas Batum… very versatile wing player who does it all.

      • Jonny Blaze

        How could Lebron get a quad dub? What other stat category other than points, boards, and assists does he really excel in?

        • Johnny Blaze

          It’s within the realm of possibility that he could get 10 steals in a game, as his career high in that category is 7. As well, his career high of 5 blocks in a game could be eclipsed as he is a big man for his position and plays some of the best defense in the league. If you cannot see that Lebron James can do everything on the court then you aren’t a fan of the game of basketball. I don’t really like the guy, but he is the best player in the world, bar none.

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      • FluorideProof

        How? He’s a 3-2 machine, but he’s not known for steals, or blocked shots. His career high for steals is 7. Blocks are only 5.

    • Y.C.C.L

      LeBron James

  • Dale

    Roy Hibbert would be one I think could do it with the following categories: Points, rebounds, Assists and blocked shots.

    • DeeLyle

      I would agree with that

      • maiar

        Or joakim noah

        • ABC123

          Roy Hibbert isn’t good enough to even get a double-double.

  • chrisswiss

    What about Clyde The Glyde Drexler… hes had a serious quadruple.double .96`season against Sacramento… what ..?

    • asdf

      9 Assists apparently, also came within 1 rebound of a QD against milwaukee.

    • Adrian Clyde

      You stupid

  • Danny E.

    Would it count if you did it with turnovers? :)

    • MCW


      • Z

        yes. Quadruple double does count with turnovers

        • rusdingo

          Actually, Elias Sports Bureau claims that turnovers do not count towards a quad-double, due to the fact that they are a negative stat

        • hector

          lol if quadruple double counted with turnovers then there would be plenty more of those around, a turnover is a bad thing how can it be a positive statistic …

  • MCW

    Michael Carter willaims could get it done for sure.

  • lennynyk

    only lebron has a shot, but probably not.

  • Steve


  • chyeA

    I just did on 2k so…

  • Samuel Jackson

    Don’t know who will but most likely it will be a athletic seven footer .

  • Akron Spike

    Nate Thurmond was from Akron and Alvin Robertson was from Barberton (which might as well be Akron), so LeBron has history on his side.

  • Thunderup

    Serge Ibaka is capable of it if he got his assists up in a game..

  • vash

    most likely CARTER-WILLIAMS will soon have if not troubled by injuries this coming season and maybe anthony davis as he continues to improve

  • mike

    Tells you how special these four were, doesn’t it?

  • Patrick Shaw

    If they would have kept blocked shot statistics, Wilt Chamberlain would have had several!

  • Bryan

    Anthony Davis

  • kjlkj

    hakeem did that twice.

  • http://www.whatdacrap.com Jonathan Mark

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  • Kwame Browns is the GOAT!!!

    Kwame Brown’s Quad Dub
    Missed shots~27
    Boo’s from the fans~999999999999999
    points his opponent scores~18

  • Maniac_In_BlackⓋEastNY™

    Robinsons is the most impressive.. Hakeem’s would come in 2nd.

  • Maniac_In_BlackⓋEastNY™

    Robinsons is the most impressive, Hakeems would be 2nd in my opinion. I think westbrook is capable of pulling one off.. but I would have to put all my confidence in Anthony Davis. Especially with his blocking & rebounding ability.

  • kolo

    No fivetuple
    Double ???

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