NBA All Time Triple-Doubles

A ‘Triple-Double’ is recorded when a player records 10 or more in three of the following categories: points, assists, rebounds, steals, and blocked shots. Prior to the 1973-74 season, the NBA did not record steals and blocked shots.

An amazing stat involving NBA Triple Doubles is that in 1961-62, Oscar Robertson, while playing for the Cincinnati Royals averaged a triple-double over the entire season. He averaged 30.8 points, 12.5 rebounds, and 11.4 assists. Robertson is the only player to ever accomplish this. During that season, he also set the mark for most triple-doubles in one season with 41 (played in 79 games). Those are two records that will probably never be broken.

Wilt Chamberlain recorded the only NBA Double-Triple-Double; 22 points, 25 rebounds, and 21 assists. Also in 1968, Chamberlain had a streak of nine consecutive games in which he recorded a triple-double.

NBA All-Time Triple-Doubles – Regular Season
Rk. Player Team(s) Total # of Yrs
1 Oscar Robertson Cincinnati Royals (1960/01 – 1969/70)
Milwaukee Bucks (1970/71 – 1973/74)
181 14
2 Magic Johnson Los Angeles Lakers (1979/80 – 1990/91, 1995/96) 138 13
3 Jason Kidd Dallas Mavericks (1994/95 – 1996/97, 2007/08)
Phoenix Suns (1996/97 – 2000/01)
New Jersey Nets (2001/02 – 2007/08)
Dallas Mavericks (2007/08 – 2011/12)
New York Knicke (2012/13)
107 19
4 Wilt Chamberlain Philadelphia Warriors (1959/60 – 1961/62)
San Francisco Warriors (1962/63 – 1964/65)
Philadelphia 76ers (1964/65 – 1967/68)
Los Angeles Lakers (1968/69 – 1972/73)
78 14
5 Larry Bird Boston Celtics (1979/80 – 1991/92) 59 13
6 Lafayette Lever Portland Trailblazers (1982/83 – 1983/94)
Denver Nuggets (1984/85 – 1989/90)
Dallas Mavericks (1990/91 – 1993/94)
43 11
7 * LeBron James Cleveland Cavaliers (2003/04 – 2009/10)
Miami Heat (2010/11 – present)
36 11
8 John Havlicek Boston Celtics (1962/63 – 1977/78) 30 16
9 Grant Hill Detroit Pistons (1994/95 – 1999/00)
Orlando Magic (2000/01 – 2006/07
Phoenix Suns (2007/08 – 2012/13)
29 17
10 Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls (1984/85 – 1992/93)
Chicago Bulls (1994/95 – 1997/98)
Washington Wizards (2001/02 – 2002/03)
28 15
11 Clyde Drexler Portland Trailblazers (1983/84 – 1994/95)
Houston Rockets (1994/95 – 1997/98)
25 15
NBA All-Time Triple-Doubles – Active players Regular Season
Player Team(s) Total # of Yrs
* LeBron James Cleveland Cavaliers (2003/04 – 2009/10)
Miami Heat (2010/11 – present)
36 11
* Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers (1996/97 – present) 19 17
* Rajon Rondo Boston Celtics (2006/07 – present) 18 8
* Kevin Garnett Minnesota Timberwolves (1995/96 – 2006/07)
Boston Celtics (2007/08 – 2012/13) Brooklyn Nets (2013/14 – )
16 19
* Chris Paul New Orleans Hornets (2005/06 – 2010/11)
Los Angeles Clippers (2011/12)
11 8
* Paul Pierce Boston Celtics (1998/99 – 2012/13) Brooklyn Nets (2013/14 – ) 9 15


NBA All-Time Triple-Doubles – Playoffs
Rk. Player Team(s) Total # of Yrs
1 Magic Johnson Los Angeles Lakers (1979/80 – 1990/91, 1995/96) 30 13
T2 Jason Kidd Dallas Mavericks (1994/95 – 1996/97, 2007/08)
Phoenix Suns (1996/97 – 2000/01)
New Jersey Nets (2001/02 – 2007/08)
Dallas Mavericks (2007/08 – present)
11 17
Larry Bird Boston Celtics (1979/80 – 1991/92) 11 13
  * LeBron James Cleveland Cavaliers (2003/04 – 2009/10) Miami Heat (2010/11 – present) 11 11
4 * Rajon Rondo Boston Celtics (2006/07 – present) 10 7
5 Wilt Chamberlain Philadelphia Warriors (1959/60 – 1961/62)
San Francisco Warriors (1962/63 – 1964/65)
Philadelphia 76ers (1964/65 – 1967/68)
Los Angeles Lakers (1968/69 – 1972/73)
9 14
6 Oscar Robertson Cincinnati Royals (1960/01 – 1969/70)
Milwaukee Bucks (1970/71 – 1973/74)
8 14
8 John Havlicek Boston Celtics (1962/63 – 1977/78) 5 16
T9 Tim Duncan San Antonio Spurs (1997-98 – present) 4 13
Charles Barkley Philadelphia 76ers (1984/85 – 1991/92)
Phoenix Suns (1992/93 – 1995/96)
Houston Rockets (1996/97 – 1999/00)
4 16
Elgin Baylor Minneapolis Lakers (1958/59 – 1959/60)
Los Angeles Lakers (1960/61 – 1971/72)
4 14
Walt Frazier New York Knicks (1967/68 – 1976/77)
Cleveland Cavaliers (1977/78 – 1979/80)
4 13
Scottie Pippen Chicago Bulls (1987/88 – 1997/98, 2003/04)
Houston Rockets (1998/99)
Portland Trailblazers (1999/00 – 2002/03)
4 17
* Chris Paul New Orleans Hornets (2005/06 – present) 2 7

* Denotes active player
Updated: April. 9th 2014Sources:

Jason Kidd’s 1st Career Triple-Double

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  • Mark Jackson

    Not only did Oscar Robertson average a triple double for a season, but he actually did so for an entire 5-season period. People usually overlook this because he had only one actual season in which he had a triple double average, but between 1960-61 and 1964-65 he had a near triple double in each season, a double double in each season, and a cumulative triple double for the whole 5 year period: i.e., he averaged more than 10 rebounds per game TOTAL over the 5 year period, even if he had only 9.9 per game in the 4th year and 9.0 per game in the 5th year; and he averaged more than 10 assists per game TOTAL over the 5 year period, even if he had only 9.7 per game in the 1st year and 9.5 per game in the 3rd year.

    And these were his first 5 years. Think about it: if the Big O had retired at the end of his 5th NBA season, he would have finished with a CAREER AVERAGE triple double over a 5-year career. No one will ever match that again.

    • Valentine Xavier

      Oscar Robertson accomplished that in an era where his team was getting 140 possessions a game. Compare that to today where a team gets about 90 possessions a game.

      So Oscar averaged 31/11/12 on 140 possessions a game in 1962. LeBron James averaged 30/9/7 on 90 possessions a game in 2010. What do you think a player like LeBron would average with 50 more possessions each game?? He’d blow Oscar’s averages out of the water.

      • Mark Jackson

        So you seem to agree with my point that no one is likely ever to average a triple double over a five-year period, ever again.

        As for LeBron James, I suspect that if he made it his focus, he could average a triple double for the season even with today’s changed playing conditions. There are other things more important, though, like limiting his minutes (especially as he gets older) in order to keep him healthy.

        • MyMets

          He wouldn’t be able to do it because LBJ heavily depends on getting out and running towards the offensive side of the court, thus the reason why he is such a bad rebounder for a guy his size and such a good assist guy. If Lebron concentrated on sticking around trying to get rebounds both his scoring and his assists would go down. Charles Barkely was 6″4 (listed 6″5) and averaged about 4 assists a game in his prime while scoring in high 20′s, if Barkley didn’t concentrate on getting 13 rebounds a game he would have had more assist possible 2-3 assist more than he averaged.

          The reality is Lebron is not a great rebounder and avoids contact as much as possible which is why he has been able to stay healthy. Rebounding requires getting inside and fighting for the basketball.

      • Stuart Perry

        The more interesting point is why is the game so much slower now. Teams like Phoenix with Nash played faster. The reason that they dribble uselessly and hold the ball much more today. Players use to run to their spot , so one would pass it and they would shoot. they would make it or someone get a rebound then the game moves on.

      • Stuart Perry

        You are using an failed comparison. How many of Oscars contemporaries averaged a triple double during this same fast paced era? I do not know the answer but looking at this list not many.

        Also using the same logic, Jason Kidd played in the same era as Lebron just starting nine years early. He has more than twice the amount of triple doubles as Lebron in eight more years. I doubt that Lebron will come anyone close to his numbers. I doubt if he catches Larry Bird the player whose game he mirrors the most except the athleticism. Scoring ability, rebounding , and assists plus they play the same position.

        • http://www.gregorymichaelcarter.com/ Gregory Michael Carter

          Allow me to put something in perspective for you. In 2 less seasons played, Lebron James has amassed more assists than Tony Parker on his career. Tony Parker is a first ballot Hall of Famer at point guard on a team filled with 2 other hall of famers and a myriad of efficient shooters. The only all time top 50 lists that Lebron James isn’t on is Rebounding and Blocks. As he gets older, and his game transitions into a PF role he will climb those lists as well. The bottom line is, before its all said and done, Lebron James will end up somewhere in the top ten for every single statistical category. He’s that good, he’s that durable, and he’s that consistent. Here is where the tricky part is. As good as Lebron is, you don’t put up statistics like those subconsciously. Lebron, Durant, Kobe all are keenly aware of statistics, and how they are being judged against the achievements of players before them. Jason Kidd’s triple double record is toast the moment Lebron sets that as one of his goals.

          • K

            You that like Triple Doubles are that easy to get (which they are not). Kidd also almost averaged a triple double in a season. Also Tony Parker is not a first ballet Hall of Famer!!! (Maybe second; absolutely third). This is for reasons you just pointed out about his assists. He is a PG!!! If you think he gets in first ballot, then I have to tell you Derrick Fisher gets in first ballot as well!

          • MyMets

            Tony Parker is a score 1st point guard he has never been known for his passing. Russell Wesbrook is half a foot shorter than Lebron James and he out-rebounds and out assists LBJ, And Westbrook is not exactly a pass 1st PG, he is more of a SG.

      • http://www.gregorymichaelcarter.com/ Gregory Michael Carter

        Good point. Lebron James is my favorite player in the game since before he came to the NBA, but Its still no easy task to put up numbers like that for five years in a row, in any era.

        • Mike’s Mobile

          so I guess you like players that a display for money only and not actual real players Like Kobe Bryant & Larry Bird 2 players that give their all and don’t give a shit if they get paid or not they still go out and do it

          • CK

            Lol yeah Kobe Bryant doesn’t care at ALL about getting paid that’s why he’s the highest-paid player right now in the NBA even though he’s a mediocre player and on maybe the worst team in the league that’s not the 6ers.

      • Mike’s Mobile

        you are a fucking idiot even mention LeBron James in the same name as the great BIG O le cramps would even got picked back that he’s such a little bitch on the court today

      • chad

        Damn right LeBron would kill Oscar Robertson average

    • http://www.gregorymichaelcarter.com/ Gregory Michael Carter

      I don’t know about ever matching that Mark, Lebron James does have a few little boys…

  • Johnny Blaze

    Magic Johnson was the greatest player of all time, followed by Oscar Robertson, Larry Bird, then Michael Jordan. Triple doubles are the true measure of a complete basketball player, and both Magic and Larry owned Michael and the Bulls when everyone was in their prime. Don’t give me the ohh Michael wasn’t “ready” to win bs… his teams simply couldn’t beat Larry’s even with Scottie and Phil Jackson. Y’all forgot.

    • Mark Jackson

      Saying that Magic and Bird “owned” Jordan and the Bulls when they were all in their primes is highly misleading for the simple reason that the Bulls weren’t even remotely an elite team when the Celtics and Lakers were winning. Look it up: by the time Bird and Magic won their last-ever championships (1988) Jordan’s Bulls were having their FIRST EVER 50-win season– exactly 50 wins, no more. That was also the first winning season they ever had since Jordan’s joining the league. In other words, you didn’t have to be a Magic or Bird to “own” those Bulls: those Bulls had 4-losing seasons and a 50-win season. LOTS of teams “owned” those Bulls.

      Meanwhile, Bird was part of the greatest front court ever, and Magic was playing with a 6-time MVP who still made 1st-team all NBA as late as 1986. These were teams that often won more than 60 games, sometimes as many as 67. Those were elite teams, and the pre-1989 Bulls simply weren’t. Even if Magic and Bird hadn’t existed, those Bulls weren’t going to win the championship.

      So a couple of front-ranking players on a couple of history’s all-time elite teams could beat up on a 38-44 team and a 40-42 team? Yawn. That doesn’t prove anything. Those Bulls just weren’t very good. I mean, it’s not like criticizing LeBron James when he couldn’t get a 66-win team to the NBA Finals; no one EXPECTS a 40-42 team to beat Bird-McHale-Parrish or Magic-Worthy-Abdul-Jabbar.

      • kljkl

        First of all, you don’t know wtf you’re talking about kid.

        Magic has a LOSING record against Jordan. That dates back to 84.

        Bird does have a huge winning edge over Jordan though.

        You can’t have your cake and eat it too as a Jordan stan. Sorry to say kiddo – but either Jordan and his team were straight up awful, but somehow inexplicably managed to more often than not get the best of the Showtime Lakers, or they were good but performed awfully against the Celtics.
        Also – it’s not like Nique or Drexler had “great” teammates in the mid 80′s but even THEY managed to not having “losing” records and managed to make SOME playoff noise. It’s this hypocritical bullshit that pisses me off and frankly makes me laugh.

        Yea Jordan’s teammates were awful, and he sure as hell didn’t make them better either. He was a walking self advertisement who played only for himself. Bird and Magic could take a bunch of paraplegics to 42 wins. Jordan had Oakley, Sam Vincent, Orlando Woolridge, and John Paxson. All capable players. Even Dave Corzine wasn’t as bad as people make it seem.
        Again, who were all those amazing freakin players Nique had?

        Who were the amazing players Isiah had in the early 80′s, or Drexler? And yet NONE of them have the distinction of having 3 straight losing seasons.
        The Bulls’ problem WAS Jordan – he didn’t know how to spell “pass”. He thought teammates were there to simply give him the ball. That’s literally what he used them for. Is it any surprise they underachieved?
        Oh and they won “50 games” when they drafted Pippen and Grant. I’m thinking that kinda had something to do with that. 2 guys who were excellent defenders and selfless offensive players. Even with a deep bench and better starters that year he STILL BARELY scraped by the Cavs in 5 games, and got manhandled by Detroit in the 2nd round.

        The 80′s was an overall embarrassment for MJ.

        The more points he scored the worse his team did. There’s a direct correlation between that actually. Same shit for Wilt. Selfish ballhogs don’t usually win championships. But they do get all the attention they sought though. Mike owes half his money to Phil Jackson.

        • Lateef

          Didn’t he lead the league in assist for a year?

        • Mark Jackson

          Unless you’re in your 60s, don’t call me kid. I *was* a kid (in university) when Jordan got the shot over Ehlo in 1989; I’m not now.
          And you’re really going to see my “Bird-McHale-Parrish” and raise me an Orlando Woolridge? Okay, fair enough.

          • Kobe Wan Kenobi

            I am a die hard Laker’s fan, but even I admit to Jordan being the best ever…its not even a argument. Below is what Jordan did to his opponents.

            8====D~~~ O;

          • Stuart Perry

            What made McHale , Parrish and Bird the best frontcourt was Larry Bird. I believe that McHale maybe an All Pro without Bird and Boston but there is no way that Parrish would be mentioned as anything near an All Pro if he played somewhere else, just look at his numbers with Golden State before he became an Celtic

            Larry and Magic indeed made their teammates better. Kareem only one championship in Milwaukee in his ten years before Magic came. Boston won when Cornbread was the starting PF, McHale was a bench player, and a old Tiny Archibald was the point guard.

        • LIL K

          Ok, good point, very good point. However, who was Mike’s coach, Doug Collins. This is the person you blame for Jordan’s relentless selfishness!
          Jordan learned how to be a leader from Phil Jackson. He doesn’t owe him anything, cause neither of them would be where there at now if not four each other!!

      • LiL K

        Thank you for the plain truth, some people are obviously blinded by the fact that they loved those teams. Thank you for the REALITY CHECK!

    • Valentine Xavier

      Magic couldn’t defend a 5 year old girl though. Michael Jordan only had 2 triple doubles, but he was a killer defender.

      LeBron James is a mix of both of them. He’s a triple double threat every game like Magic was, except he can also defend.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=636412965 Patrick McCartney

    I’ll bet that Wilt had a few quadruple-doubles among his 78 triple-doubles, but the NBA didn’t start counting blocks until the year after he retired. I wonder if videotapes of his old games could confirm that.

    • Mark Jackson

      I don’t think many of those old games actually *are* on video.

  • BusBoi

    Yo how come russell westbrook has 4 playoff triple doubles and chris paul has 2 but CP3′s name is on the list but not westbrooks?

    • Rockstaricky

      Westbrook came out of his sick bed when he heard KD taking over the season and sure to be in the finals but Westbrook came back and ball hogged and KD faded away as did the team.

  • http://www.endtimesurvivalguide.com Leland Williams Jr.

    Big O, Best Player of all time

  • MaskedHeroxx

    Holly shit that crazy I bet magic would hav passed Oscar… But all these numbers are crazy

  • Adrien

    Duncan still looks active to me… (as of 2014 at least)

  • Vegasvince

    Triple Doubles are a great stat but to see so many try to use them to rank all-time players is silly. It helps you see who had an all around game but the number 10 is not a great bench mark. For example, if you had a player that averaged 10-10-10 you’d love that player. But would you take him over a player averaging 30-20-8? Nope…
    In my mind, Wilt is the greatest individual player ever (that’s also Russell’s opinion). Jordan is second… Then let the arguments begin… Starting five: C-Wilt (best seasons 50+ points, reb-over 30 a game, and led the league in assists-all different years but wow!), Point-Magic, 2-Jordan, 4-Duncan, and 3-LeBron… Bench: G’s: Oscar, West and Kobe, F’s: Bird, Dr. J, and Malone C’s: Russell and Kareem… That’s 13… Coach: Pop will have to decide who to make inactive each game…

  • Aaron Burr

    how many games/season during the Big O era??

  • Stevendad

    Just remember that blocks were not an official,stat until late in Wilt’s career. Referees estimate he had 8-10 per game. It is likely he would have had several quad doubles and many more triple doubles. Source is referenced in Wikepedia.

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