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NFL News: Tony Dungy Clarifies Remarks Made About Michael Sam

NFL News: Tony Dungy Clarifies Remarks Made About Michael Sam

Tony Dungy is one of the most well-respected people in the NFL. Unfortunately, that hasn’t prevented him from staying out of this firestorm. Dungy caused a storm in a recent interview when he stated that he wouldn’t have drafted Michael Sam because of the distractions that come with him. Today, Dungy released a statement clarifying [...]


NFL News: Johnny Manziel’s No. 2 Leads League In Jersey Sales

Johnny Manziel has yet to play a down in the NFL, but that hasn’t stopped his jersey from climbing to the top of sales list. According to ESPN’s Darren Rovell, Manziel’s No. 2 Cleveland Browns jersey is the highest selling of the NFL’s first quarter: The NFL announced on Monday that more Johnny Manziel No. [...]


NFL News: Saints, Jimmy Graham Nearing New Long-Term Contract

UPDATE (6:32 AM PT): Jimmy Graham has agreed to a four-year contract worth $40 million according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter. Saints are signing TE Jimmy Graham to a 4-year, $40 million deal that includes $21 million guaranteed, per source familiar with deal. — Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) July 15, 2014 ______________________________________________________________________________ Jimmy Graham battled the Saints [...]

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Robert Kraft, Patriots “Duped” By Aaron Hernandez

It’s probably not news to anyone at this point that former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez has been charged with first degree murder. However, what is news is Patriots owner Robert Kraft coming out and saying the Patriots team, and himself were wrong about Hernandez. According to the Boston Herald, Kraft said the Patriots all [...]

Lawsuits Finally Come To Greg Williams Over Bounty Programs

When the bounty program that was being ran by the New Orleans Saints and former defensive coordinator Greg Williams had first been discovered, it was widely known that there would be some hefty lawsuits coming the way of the coaches and players involved. No lawsuits have been thrown towards any of the Saints players, but [...]

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