NFL Salaries: Top 10 Salaries for Wide Receivers

Below is a list of the highest paid wide receivers for the 2012-13 season. Among these guys there have been three trips to the Super Bowl. One of these guys has led the league in receptions five times, led the league in touchdown receptions three times, and receiving yards three times. Three guys on this list appear on the list of the Top-30 most receptions in a game while Wes Welker and Vincent Jackson have two of the longest receptions from scrimmage in NFL history.

1. Vincent Jackson, Buccaneers – 11,000,000
2. Dwayne Bowe, Chiefs – 9,515,000
3. Wes Welker, Patriots – 9,515,000
4. Brandon Marshall, Bears – 9,300,000
5. Santonio Holmes, Jets – 7,750,000
6. Sidney Rice, Seahawks – $,7,000,000
7. Anquan Boldin, Ravens – $6,000,000
8. Roddy White, Falcons – 5,500,000
9. Darius Heyward-Bey – $5,279,000
10. Larry Fitzgerald, Cardinals – $5,000,000

Most Notable WRs not on the list: Greg Jennings ($3.89 million in 2012), Calvin Johnson ($1.25 million in 2012), and Andre Johnson ($700,000 in 2012).

All salary information provided by spotrac.com.



Phillip Barnett is the Senior NFL Editor at Sports City and is currently suffering through a decade long (and counting) playoff drought from the Oakland Raiders.

  • Yanniel Torres

    if i go to the NFL im a be gettin bread

  • Abe James

    WTF why does Calvin Johnson Jr. only get 1.25 mill?!!