NFL Salaries

Here we have the salaries for every player on every NFL team. Check out your favorite team to find out who is making the most, who is making the least and discuss who you think is the most over and under paid players in the NFL. The Top 10 paid players by position for 2012 and a look back at some of the worst contracts in recent NFL history.

Worst Contracts in Recent History

Bad NFL Contracts: Albert Haynesworth
Bad NFL Contracts: DeAngeloHall
Bad NFL Contracts: Daunte Culpepper 

Player Salaries by Team – 2013 and 2014

Baltimore Ravens Salaries Arizona Cardinals Salaries
Buffalo Bills Salaries Atlanta Falcons Salaries
Cincinnati Bengals Salaries Carolina Panthers Salaries
Cleveland Browns Salaries Chicago Bears Salaries
Denver Broncos Salaries Dallas Cowboys Salaries
Houston Texans Salaries Detroit Lions Salaries
Indianapolis Colts Salaries Green Bay Packers Salaries
Jacksonville Jaguars Salaries Minnesota Vikings Salaries
Kansas City Chiefs Salaries New Orleans Saints Salaries
Miami Dolphins Salaries New York Giants Salaries
New England Patriots Salaries Philadelphia Eagles Salaries
New York Jets Salaries San Francisco 49ers Salaries
Oakland Raiders Salaries Seattle Seahawks Salaries
Pittsburgh Steelers Salaries St Louis Rams Salaries
San Diego Chargers Salaries Tampa Bay Buccanneers Salaries
Tennessee Titans Salaries Washington Redskins Salaries

2012 Top 10 Paid Players By Position

Top 10 Paid Quarterbacks
Top 10 Paid Running Backs
Top 10 Paid Wide Receivers
Top 10 Paid Tight Ends
Top 10 Paid Fullbacks
Top 10 Paid Offensive Linemen
Top 10 Paid Defensive Tackles
Top 10 Paid Defensive Ends
Top 10 Paid Linebackers
Top 10 Paid Cornerbacks
Top 10 Paid Safeties 

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  • baller

    NBA players get paid more

    • Habeeb Oki

      by far!

      • KS

        and MLB players the most by a mile

    • lakawak

      Big difference having to pay just 15 players with the money that comes from 41 home games compared to paying 60 players from just 8 home games.

      • Ben Andrews

        Takes 4 NBA games to fill one NFL stadium and the tickets are half the price.

      • tommyboy

        The majority of the money comes from television contracts. Ticket prices account for a small percentage of revenue. Luxury boxes are important too, but those are usually on a yearly lease, not per game.

    • ATrollJustLikeU

      cause they are smarter and more productive members of society

  • Baretta369

    also, remember this includes health benefits and life insurance, so they dont actually get all that in dollars, and then 50 percent to federal, state, and local taxes, and 10 percent off the top to an agent.. And maybe they play 3 to 7 years and then back to burger king, you want fries with that? LOL

    • Jewy Lewis and the Jews

      It’s actually 3% to the agent, that’s the most they are allowed to take, I believe by the NFLPA so….now you know. You’re right about the 50% taxes though, they get basically 1/2 taken away from them.

  • discriminated

    They need to get paid more given the injuries they risk get inflicted with.

    • Brian Bennett

      They accept the risk by signing their contract. Injuries are part of the risk. They choose to play knowing that there is a risk of injury.

      • http://www.dalydose.com/ Jeff Daly

        They choose to take on that risk because of the reward of what they are paid.

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    Some of these numbers are flat out incorrect. Roethlisberger averages 12.5 mil. Granted, that includes signing bonus.

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    Meanwhile, while you losers obsess over this stupid game, as if it’s you doing some magnificent thing, our troops languish and die, or come back with horrible wounds and wait for years to get help. American priorities.

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      It’s entertainment like anything else. Do you chastise people who buy music, go to concerts, watch TV, go the theatre, go to the ballet, go to movies?

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