Paul George Says It’d be Difficult to ‘Say No’ to Kobe Bryant

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The Los Angeles Lakers will be one of the most aggressive teams during NBA free agency next summer. The majority of the current contracts come off the books for the Lakers next summer and the team intends to bring in one or two big names with all the cap space available.

One player that will likely be targeted will be All-Star small forward Paul George. As an Los Angeles native, George would be the ideal fit and believes it will be difficult to say no to Kobe Bryant when he comes calling via Scott Agness of Pacers.com:

“My heart is still in Indiana,” the 23-year-old said. “… I’m still a Pacer, and hopefully I remain a Pacer. I’m happy where I’m at.”

George said that him hypothetically joining the Lakers would certainly be a “family-favorite team.”

“Of course it would be tough (to say no to Kobe). You’re talking about playing [at] home.”

Along with George, the Lakers are also said to be showing serious interest in superstars LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony. Both players are set to hit the free agent market as well and will be aggressively pursued by the storied NBA franchise.

Although signing any of these players is a stretch at this point for the Lakers as all three players intend to remain with their current teams, Los Angeles is hoping Kobe can help with the recruiting effort.

With the team unable to retain Dwight Howard, the Lakers will be desperately seeking an elite player or two to help carry on the team’s legacy with Kobe entering the twilight of his career. James and Anthony are ideal candidates with George coming in at a close third.


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Ryan is a Senior Writer for Sports City and Lakers Nation. California native living the dream as a passionate sports writer.

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  • Laker Girl 1

    I wish he were Serious about “Its hard for him to say no to the Mamba. LOL. Welcome home George.

    • http://www.facebook.com/eddie.lazaro123 Eddie Lazaro

      Hard to say, there is still the whole season and it is a long time. I do like him to wear Purple and Gold and be close to “Home”. There is all that idea, no matter how successful he can be that he can only admit to himself. Who inspired and gave him the motivations and without saying, we can all sense it was Kobe. Growing up in LA, the Lakers is part of life of the regular hard working masses who goes to work everyday. Their family inherits that trait and culture, and for those can not afford the ticket to go to the Forum or Staples, they spend their time hooked on their televisions screens, watch the Lakers play. Paul George is no different then, like the most of us. If we’re stucked in traffic and won’t be on time to watch TV or afford to watch them live, we turned our radio in our cars to hear Chick Hearn broadcast the game as colorful as possible. Chick was gone (RIP) now, but the Lakers lives on and for those who thinks no other superstars will want to work or join Kobe at Lakerland, this is just another testament from a young, up and coming star. Serious or not, his words are honestly uttered, sure or not, only time can tell, but for now, we are not “Tanking”, not in our DNA, for the Lakers idea of a season is to “WIN” everything, get that 17th trophy added to our collection..

  • Lakers fan

    I would rather sign George than LeBron.

  • Lakers fan 2

    i would go for George, he would be the next big thing in this league.

    • PrincipleMuzik

      after one season he’s gonna b the next big thing? several a head of him… laker might as well wait for Kyrie Irving 2015/16

      • Žåçh

        No….go all out for George this year and go for Uncle Drew as well the next year. Why can’t we go for both?

        • PrincipleMuzik

          come on george would b a fool to leave indiana, after coming so close to beat the heats… just thinking logically. He has a very good/young team… dont c him leaving to rebuild a team in LA.

  • laker fan for life

    paul george is the man

  • Yo Mama

    whatever happens, because you guys are crazy about George being better than Bron, PLEASE don’t bring Melo ESPECIALLY over George

  • LakerHater29861

    No superstar is going to the crustyass old lakers to play with washed up injured kobe

  • jerick manarang

    KB+Melo+george= “championship”

  • Mamba Blackness

    If George comes to L.A. What number you peeps think he’d have, seeing as the Mamba sports the 24 already?

    • daejoong18

      Number 8. Kobe’s old number.

  • david

    such a dumb article…. Paul George is a RA a RESTRICTED free agent meaning Pacers can either(and will) extend his contract to a maximum deal or simply just match any teams’ offer (such as the Lakers who can try to sign him to a max deal) so unless the Pacers really don’t want to keep him and they don’t because they see him as their franchise player, he’s NOT GOING ANYWHERE.

    • GotEm

      Exactly, the only way he’d go is if he forces his way out of Indiana, the only way he can do so as a RFA would be with a sign and trade. The Lakers have absolutely no tradeable assets and really won’t have anyone on their roster to trade for him. I’d love for the Lakers to cop him but there’s no chance.

  • Laker Fan

    I am glad that Dwight left. I hope LeBron joins the Lakers. Carmelo won’t fit in LA

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