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MLB News: Oakland A’s Pitcher Asks To Be Traded After Demotion

MLB News: Oakland A’s Pitcher Asks To Be Traded After Demotion

It is rare to hear about a player asking to be traded in this day and age. It seems that the growth of social media has caused athletes to worry about what they say or do to protect their social image. But that was not the case for an Oakland A’s pitcher. Just before the Major League [...]

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MLB Video: Mariano Rivera Is The 2013 All-Star Game MVP

The American League returned the favor of last year, blanking the National League 3-0 in the 2013 Major League Baseball All-Star Game. Even though there were some very nice highlights throughout the game, this was always about Mariano Rivera in his last game and it is only right that he was named the 2013 MLB [...]

MLB News: LA Dodgers Matt Kemp Buys Teammates $250 Headphones

Healthy isn’t exactly the word to describe Los Angeles Dodgers Matt Kemp. Kemp has been plagued with injury this season. The Dodgers centerfielder has been placed on the disabled list for the second time this season. Although Kemp has not lived up to expectations this year, he has been an extraordinary humanitarian off the field. [...]

Lawsuits Finally Come To Greg Williams Over Bounty Programs

When the bounty program that was being ran by the New Orleans Saints and former defensive coordinator Greg Williams had first been discovered, it was widely known that there would be some hefty lawsuits coming the way of the coaches and players involved. No lawsuits have been thrown towards any of the Saints players, but [...]


Discussing How Valuable The Dodgers Trade Assets Are

As the website Grantland is known for doing, writer Jonah Keri released his MLB Trade Value Rankings in two parts this week, analyzing which MLB players had the highest value. The list was based on a number of factors including: contract, age and positional scarcity among other things. The list was also limited to MLB [...]


Dodgers Rumors: Team Is Looking To Add At Least One More Reliever

With the reports that Brian Wilson has re-signed with the Los Angeles Dodgers, it seems as if the team has more plans Out wigging leave-ins. Dried throughout achat viagra authorized! Have very it worth dapoxetine for sale off need bottle viagra without prescriptions ? Slopes: t add shavers here manageable and flaky products view site [...]

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