Thunder v. Knicks Highlights: March 7, 2013

The Oklahoma City Thunder and the New York knicks engaged is a pretty fun battle at Madison Square Garden. OKC pulled out a 95-94 win and survived a 36-point barrage from JR Smith (who missed a jumper at the buzzer that would have won the game. Kevin Durant led the way for the Thunder with 34 points of his own. Outside of a great game, there were some great highlights. Check them out here.

Russell Westbrook missed layup


Kenyon Martin tip dunk


JR Smith crossover


Amare Stoudemire dunk on Durant and Ibaka


Amare Stoudemire blocks Derek Fisher


Kevin Durant crossover and jumper


Phillip Barnett is the Senior NFL Editor at Sports City and is currently suffering through a decade long (and counting) playoff drought from the Oakland Raiders.

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