VIDEO: NBA All-Stars Sing The Hits At 2013 All-Star Weekend

uspw_7052552It’s always entertaining to see NBA players do something out of their comfort zone.

And I must say, I thoroughly enjoy NBA players when they sing pop songs. They did just that during NBA All-Star weekend. They were showing them on the big screen at Houston during All-Star weekend.

This might have been the first time I’ve seen Carmelo Anthony sing; his rendition of Adele is incredible. And, of course, Blake Griffin and Dwyane Wade singing Call Me Maybe was a delight. Actually, it was a delight every time a player came up to sing. I know some teams show players singing karaoke at their big screens during timeouts (Boston is one good example). More teams should do that.

Yes, I’m sure people will tell them to stick to their day job. But I would tell them to keep singing. Even if they’re not as good as the original singers, it’ll always be entertaining.



Rey Moralde is a Southern California native who has a passion for basketball, old-school video games, sushi, and terrible pop music.

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