Video: NBA Promotes Special Single Color Christmas Day Jerseys

Tomorrow, there will be no NBA games. The NFL has a tradition of playing games on Thanksgiving for years so the NBA decided that to hold no games on that day since they’d be overshadowed by football. Very, very smart move.

But as we all know, the NBA has a tradition of playing games on Christmas Day. They showed a stranglehold on that day as they increased the number of Christmas game to five recently.

With that in mind, the NBA decided to market their Christmas Day games further by making special single color jerseys for that holiday. They took it a step further with this ad. As you’ll see in the video, Dwight Howard, Carmelo Anthony, Joe Johnson, Russell Westbrook, and Dwyane Wade dribble “Carol of the Bells” and show off these unis.

The NBA has these jerseys on sale now at NBAStore.Com.


Rey Moralde is a Southern California native who has a passion for basketball, old-school video games, sushi, and terrible pop music.

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